Wellness centre services

Hájenka mountain hotel operates a family wellness centre.
Visit it to recover your energy and strength after a wearisome day spent working or sporting.

You may revive you body in the Finish sauna, or relax in the whirlpool bath, or acquire suntan in our solarium. Hands of our experienced masseurs will rid you of any fatigue. The multifunctional NeoQi tunnel will offer you a combination of steam bath and infrared sauna. Or you may do some exercises in our mini fitness centre which offers a magnetic bike, a magnetic elliptical trainer, a running belt and a gym ball.

On entry into the fitness centre, you will be provided with a sauna towel or blanket.

The wellness centre serves both accommodated guests and the general public. A locker room with a changing booth are available to public visitors. Please, call 00421 41 43 64 161 to order wellness services.

  1. Fínish sauna

    Temperature exceeding 90 °C; body heating to a temperature above the normal is pleasant and relaxing. The sauna will help your tired muscles to relieve, your stressed brains to calm down, and your skin to get rid of hazardous harmful substances.

  2. Whirpool

    Temperature exceeding 36 °C; the bath improves blood circulation and metabolism, refreshes, and relieves stiffened muscles, tissues and joints.

  3. Infrared sauna

    Temperature of around 50°C; it triggers a number of health-supportive processes, strengthens the immunity system, softens the skin, reduces stress and symptoms of fatigue.

  4. Steam bath

    Temperature of 45°C – 55°C; the benefit comes from high air humidity which helps muscles to relieve and relax.

  1. Classical massage

    Manual application of targeted touches with an effect of improved blood circulation in the skin and muscular relief.

  2. Sports massage

    A specific type of classical massage involving a higher speed and pressure intensity and frequency of touches.

  3. Reflex massage

    It is targeted at reflex points and spots on feet and hands in which the different parts of the human body are reflected.

  4. Lymph drainage massage

    Improves the lymph drainage and accelerates the removal of waste materials from the body.